“Medication Adherence”, what was that, again?

There are only 7 days in a week. Let’s say, in all those 7 days, you have to take 21 tablets, 3 a day, for some illness you have. When you be the good guy and take them all on time, followed by a check-up with your doctor and fight your illness, that is called Medication Adherence. We all ‘adhere’ by certain things in life—our choices, our principles, our values, our priorities and similarly, we should ‘adhere’ with our medicines in case we’re ill.

It doesn’t feel good to be hospitalised, to have other health issues crop up from an existing one, to live a life of deprivation and extreme restrictions. The only way to control all these from happening is by being dedicated to Medication Adherence. It helps track your recovery process, reaction and response of your health to the medicines, keep a clear account of intervals between consultations and check your triumph to betterment. Not to forget, this cuts down the medical costs as well.

Use pill boxes to help you remember!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/7GiO9T

The good old pill boxes to remind you to take your medication.
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How do you think can you can practice Medication Adherence, if you’re forgetful by nature or you have a lot going on in your life (professional, personal or both) or you travel a lot and the like? How can you make following an extra routine fit in to your already existing schedule? Some effective measures may be:

  • Use reminder tools for your medicine regime.
  • Actively change your behaviour, attitude and habits that are decadent to your medication and health problem.
  • Take the help of medication tracker to record your adherence and improvement in between consultations.
  • Be alert about how your body reacts to your medicines and practices.
  • Use a pill box.

It helps in getting the best results of the treatment and improving the quality of life. If you have a long term health problem, like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, cerebral palsy, heart disease, insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety, schizophrenia, anaemia, parkinsonism and the list continues, Medication Adherence is your only key to living a better life and avoiding hidden consequences that are hard to detect and difficult or impossible to resolve—more so in adults and the elderly than younger people.

...a behavioural trait that needs to be developed by putting in some extra effort and determination. P.C.: http://goo.gl/bPfwrt

A behavioural trait that needs to be developed by putting in some extra effort and determination.
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It is safe to assert that Medication Adherence is a habit, a behavioural trait that needs to be developed by putting in some extra effort and determination. Your health will improve by the exact measure that you will take. Love yourself and take the hard decisions. Be successful in your own health improvement, be one of those who are committed to Medication Adherence—be more engaged.

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