One of the commonest forms of mood issues that we face, is ‘depression’ or the feelings of extraordinary
sadness and dejection*. The opposite of this, ‘mania’ or intense unrealistic feelings of excitement and
euphoria, also exist in unison but we do not tend to notice it much because that makes us happy. However,
depression makes us feel impaired and neglected and therefore creates a deeper impression.

Warning Signs of Depression Picture Courtesy

Warning Signs of Depression
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Not always is depression necessarily a mood disorder. Most often, depression occurs as a result of certain
recent stress. It may be as simple as inability to gratify a want or coping with pressure for performance at work
or studies or grief. It is usually easy to fight off and get back to one’s normal humour.

But sometimes, one may fall weak mentally and let depression grow on one. It makes daily life difficult and one
becomes self-limiting. However, most people are shy about opening up—for myriad reasons. More than often,
the reasons are too personal and challenging to existing social stigmas and at times, the reasons are too
interlinked to be filtered out or are work and performance issues where the person finds it hard to cope with.

While we often upset our biological clock and do things that woos our whims, here are a couple of things that
will be a stitch in time!
●Educate yourself on what you really value in life, both in personal and professional spheres.
●Do not upset your sleep cycle and if you do, find the time to get adequate sleep as soon as possible.
●Any sort of physical activity, as little as a 30-minute walk or yoga is highly valuable to your senses and
bodily functions.
●Eating simple, healthy, nutritious food isn’t difficult. Try it!
●Have a goal for each day and stick to it. It need not be a huge one and can be as simple as vacuum
clean the sofa!
●Plan out your day the previous night as your daily homework. It will help escape many stress factors.
●There are lots of benefits of keeping a journal. Maintain one.
●Develop strategies to stay productive and in a healthy environment at work. If you realize that you
want to be known as a designer and your designation is of an accountant, you’re in the wrong line of
work. Make a move and change your life.
●Practice talking positive and thinking positive—both, about people and life.
●Choose your friends wisely—it is important to evaluate your relationships and identify the roles
peoples play in your life, from time to time. Move away from the negative influences.
●Find your spiritual inclination and work towards enriching it. For example, if listening to music soothes
your mind, makes you feel elevated and relaxed, make sure to devote some time to it. If meditation
helps you feel better, do work on your schedule to find some time for this on a daily basis.

These are really small measures, that are greatly remedial if followed with diligence. Life always keeps throwing
surprises at us. Those that break us also make us stronger. How we react may sometimes be a cause for
depression but there is nothing we can’t win against if we wish to.

It is enlightening to know that there are millions of people suffering in silence, and that there are proven ways
to change this, while keeping personal information totally confidential. It is just that, sometimes, one cannot
overcome alone and needs another helping hand to show the right path. The right action on recognizing
normal depression beginning to grow into a disorder can save a life and lead to happiness and healthy living.

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* Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life, by Carson, Butcher, Mineka
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