FAQs on Online Health Accounts

What is an Online Health Account or a Patient Portal?

A secure website that gives patients convenient 24X7 access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. A secure username and password is required to view health information.


What does a Health Account include:
• Doctor visits
• Medications, Dosage
• Lab results
• Allergies
• Treatment
• Billing

talkaDoc’s Patient Portal allows:
• Exchange secure messaging between you and your Doctor
• e-Prescriptions
• Schedule appointments
• Tele-Consulting
• Invite your caregivers to be involved in your Health

Research shows that this type of Communication, empowers patients and the Doctor’s support is felt beyond consultation rooms. More importantly, this greatly enhances Patient Health outcomes.

How do you create a Health Account on talkaDoc?
• For new Patients > Select Patient Register in http://app.talkadoc.com/login
• For existing users, type in your Username and Password to sign into your Patient Portal
• Once signed in, enjoy the benefits. Should you have a questions on how to use it – email us at support@talkadoc.com

Cheers to Good Health!

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