One Single Tip to De-Stress

Stressed? Is it work? Children’s education? Are your Savings depleting? Or is just an insecurity about life itself? Whatever it is, there is a solution; not to the problem, but how you manage the stress that comes with it.

It’s easy to say, this too shall pass – but when you’re in it, it seems so long – as if it would never pass. It could be ruining your relationships, career or your health.

A Solution is just being able to Vent Out:

The act of talking to someone about how you feel alleviates stress. It helps offloading some of the heaviness. At times, you may not be looking for a solution, or the person listening may not have any advice for you, but the process of letting it out may help you look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes, help you cope with it better!


Choosing the Right People to Vent Out:

Social media or random people who have no idea about your background are just the wrong audience for letting it out.

Your family or close friends who are adults can relate to your feelings. Sometimes, it helps to talk to a person who is just outside this situation – may be a counselor, a mental health expert or a friend who lives considerable distance from yours.

You may be very surprised in a pleasant way with how things pan out. Talking to your family not allows them to understand why you have certain behavioral change but may help you cope with everyday situations. Children, parents or spouses are sometimes victims of family members who are under stress, only breeds more stress when there is no open communication amongst them. For example, just letting them know that this month is going to be tight with respect to spending will help them spend wisely. Lashing out or being rude will have a negative effect and distance the family unit causing irreparable damage.

Overeating, drinking, smoking and detaching yourself from your social circle are not healthy solutions. However, yoga, exercise and practicing gratitude can have a very positive effect helping you build a great coping mechanism during tough times. Sometimes, your body requires you to eat and exercise – you could have been neglecting it the whole time.

Part of the Growing Process:

Stress can occur to anyone and everyone. It manifests in various forms. It’s important to continue to grow and learn during this process. Every episode should only make you stronger and your stress handling capabilities should become superior, after all no one can prevent stress – but how to end up handling and reacting to it is what matters the most.

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