Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

Have you lately been feeling down, perplexed, excessively worried, significantly tired, or detached from reality? Don’t worry, take a deep breath first. Having mental disorder is not the end of the world but if you are really at a loss about how to improve your present mental condition, here are 5 things to try:

  1. Try Ashwagandha For Anxiety And Depression

The science of Ayurveda has used ashwagandha as a rejuvenator (rasayana) for hundreds of years to improve physical and mental health and increase longevity.

Research [1]  backs up the use of ashwagandha and claims that the daily consumption of it can:

  • Reduce stress by 44%
  • Reduce anxiety by 69%
  • Lower the cortisol level by 28%
  • Reduce the depressive symptoms by 68%
  • Stabilize and uplift your mood
  • Fight insomnia
  • Revitalize the body without any side effects

Moreover, it is a holistic form of treatment hence it is better than any standard anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs.

  1. Try Laughter Yoga

“Laughter is the best medicine”, we all have heard this right? Well yes, laughter is like a wonder drug for mental illnesses. It is in an emotion that is capable to heal illness and prevent diseases, be it physical or mental. It has the power to transform our lives and ensure health and happiness.

So let’s laugh our way out of mental problems. Try laughter Yoga! It is a natural and effective way of curing many mental and physical disorders. Moreover, it is also capable of strengthening your immune system, reducing pain and lowering stress.

Yes, all you have to do is laugh for your good mental health.

  1. Try Reaching Out To Friends And Family

Ask help from your “loved ones”. If you seek help from them then they will definitely be there for you and will understand and want to help you.

Sharing information regarding your care, treatment, and what you are going through can make it easier for them to support and guide you, especially during your hospital visits.

  1. Try Running

Running promises to improve your mental health. Running releases hormones like serotonin or dopamine in your body which alleviates depression and boosts the production of neurons in the hippocampus of the brain. This enhances your memory, focusing and attention capacity, and also aids in fighting diseases like dementia or any other mental problems where the neurons stop working or die/degenerate.

  1. Try Aromatherapy [2]

Aromatherapy is essentially the usage of aromatic oils for treating an array of physical, mental and emotional health problems.

For example, lavender, chamomile and sage essential oils are helpful in combating anxiety and insomnia, while rosemary and geranium can be useful in uplifting your mood.


[1].  Chandrasekhar, K., Jyoti Kapoor, and Sridhar Anishetty. “A prospective, randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study of safety and efficacy of a high-concentration full-spectrum extract of ashwagandha root in reducing stress and anxiety in adults.” Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 34, no. 3 (2012): 255.

[2]. Singh, Narendra, Mohit Bhalla, Prashanti de Jager, and Marilena Gilca. “An overview on ashwagandha: a Rasayana (rejuvenator) of Ayurveda.” African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 8, no. 5S (2011).

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